We are a leading manufacturer producing a range of canvas tents for family camping, like bell tents, safari tents for glamping , military tents for army camping and relief tents for hospital emergency.

Our tents are purposed to withstand the rigorous weather while camping in the wild– their performance helps guarantee a great experience for you to have a home like camping, whatever the weather!

We select the highest quality materials for our tents so that they perform to the standards that you expect. Our tents are constructed from a range of different weights of canvas, PVC groundsheets, sturdy frames and accessories to individually tailor the tent to your requirements so that it meets its intended purpose and your budget.

It is increasingly important to give your customers something original or unique and we can customize your tent to give your customers a more traditional experience with wooden poles, frames and pegs that is perfect for wedding hire. Our bespoke design service allows you to stand out from the competition and create a tent that is unique to your business.

Your enquiry and order is treated with the utmost care and personal attention – we’re not just selling tents – we want to help you give your customers the best camping experience.

Thank you!