self standing tent

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Item: Self Standing Tent(fire retardant)(same as specifications)

Outer Tent: 4.3m(L)x4.3m(W)x2.40m(H)x 1.93m(Wall Height)

Inner Tent: Central Height 2.2m, 10cm air gap, floor surface 18.3m2, door height 1.7m, with partition walls

Shade fly: Central fabric is PE fabric and surrounding is PE net, 5 sections, 4pcs in 1.4m wide, 1pc in 1.6m triangle shape, with 6 vents

Ground: Integrated with inner tent, 20cm above the ground, 3 belts crossed connected with 6 corners

Tent fabric (roof, walls, mud flaps, ground sheet, shade fly): Woven HDPE black fibres with white LDPE coating on both sides, 190gsm, water proof, fire retardant, anti UV

Inner Tent & partition: polyester fabric,110gsm, white, fire proof(CPAI-84)

Sleeves for pipes: polyester fabric,110gsm, white, fire proof(CPAI-84)

Mosquito net: polyester warp knitted, anti UV,85gsm, 25 holes per sq cm

Frame: aluminum alloy,7001, 19mm dia. 1.0mm thick, 6pcs

Guy points: PVC patch,PE loops, polyester straps, steel rings, elastic device, with guy ropes, buckles, eyelet, runner, all with anti UV

Guy ropes: 8mmx6 pcs, 5mm x 22 pcs, black,anti UV, attached tent with wooden sliders;

Pegs: 6 pegs T shape, 40cm long, 2.5x2.5cm;22 pegs J shape, 8mm thick,30cm long 

Door: 2 for outer tent and 2 for inner tent, 1.70x0.9m, with zipper and mudflap, 4 padlocks, threshold can be lay down

Window: 6 for outer tent and 6 for inner tent, 50x50cm, velcro surrounded, with mosquito and rolled up flaps, each window has one pouch under

Ventilation: 2 for outer tent and 2 for inner tent, 85x55cm, with mosquito net and flap

Chimney: 1 for outer tent and 1 for inner tent, 60x25cm, with non-perforated reinforcement and patch

Hammer: sledge hammer, 1kg head, 30cm long, wooden handle

Accessories: one manufacturer labe and one fire caution label, one instruction sheet, one repair kit

Packing: one master bundle made of PE, 2 straps,each packed in carton