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Canvas shelter tent use guide



Shelter tents are a type of temporary shelter that is often used in disaster relief situations. They are typically made from a lightweight material such as canvas or nylon, and can be easily set up and taken down. Shelter tents can provide much-needed protection from the elements for those who have lost their homes or are displaced due to a natural disaster.


In recent years, there have been an increasing number of major hurricanes and typhoons that have caused widespread damage and displacement. In the wake of these disasters, shelter tents have become an essential part of the relief effort. They provide a safe and dry place for people to sleep, store belongings, and receive medical treatment.


Shelter tents are also used in refugee camps, where they can house large numbers of people who have fled their homes due to conflict or persecution.

Model and size of Canvas shelter tent


Diameter(m/feet)  Top Height(m) Struts(mm) Floor Area(㎡) Suggested Capacity(people sleeping)
5m 2.5 Φ26*1.5 5 1-2
6m 3 Φ26*1.5 6 1-2
7m 3.5 Φ26*1.5 7 1-2
8m 3.7 Φ26*1.5 8 2-4
9m 4 Φ26*1.5/Φ32*2 9 2-4



How to set up a canvas shelter tent


There are a few things you need to know before setting up your shelter tent. Make sure you have all the necessary equipment. You will need poles, pegs, a mallet, and a ground sheet. Once you have all your equipment, choose a level spot to set up your tent. If you are camping in an area with trees, make sure to clear away any branches or debris that could damage your tent.


To set up your tent, start by threading the poles through the eyelets on the bottom of the tent. Once the poles are in place, use the pegs to secure the corners of the tent to the ground. Use the mallet to hammer the pegs into the ground so they are nice and secure. Finally, spread out the ground sheet under your tent to protect it from moisture and dirt.



How are canvas shelter tents made?


Shelter tents are temporary structures that are typically used for disaster relief or military purposes. They are usually made from a lightweight material such as nylon or polyester, which makes them easy to transport and set up.


There are a few different types of shelter tents, but the most common one is the A-frame tent. This type of tent has two long poles that come together at the top to form an A-shape. The walls of the tent are then attached to these poles.


Another type of shelter tent is the dome tent, which has a more rounded shape. These tents typically have more than one pole in the middle, which helps to support the weight of the fabric walls.


no matter what type of shelter tent you choose, they all serve the same purpose: to provide a temporary structure that can protect you from the elements.



Wholesale Canvas shelter tent from China is easier


Wholesale Canvas shelter tents from China are becoming increasingly popular as more people discover their benefits. Canvas shelter tents offer a variety of advantages over traditional tents, including being more durable, weather resistant and easier to set up.


China is the leading manufacturer of canvas shelter tents, and many online retailers offer them at wholesale prices. Buying a canvas shelter tent from China is a great way to save money while getting a high-quality product.


There are a few things to keep in mind when buying a canvas shelter tent from China. Make sure to research the seller before making a purchase, and be sure to read the reviews of other customers. It’s also important to check the shipping times and return policy before making your purchase.

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