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Inflatable tent use guide



An inflatable tent is an air-filled structure that can be used as temporary shelter. It is easy to set up and take down, and is much lighter than a traditional tent.


Inflatable tents are made of strong, lightweight materials such as nylon or polyester. The walls are usually lined with a thin layer of PVC or other waterproof material. Most inflatable tents have a single inflation point, making them quick and easy to set up.


Inflatable tents are a great option for camping, backpacking, or emergencies. They are much lighter than traditional tents, and can be packed into a small space. Inflatable tents typically have good ventilation and can keep you cool in hot weather.

Model and size of Inflatable tent


Diameter(m/feet) Top Height(m) Struts(mm) Floor Area(㎡) Suggested Capacity(people sleeping)
5m 2.5 Φ26*1.5 5 1-2
6m 3 Φ26*1.5 6 1-2
7m .35 Φ26*1.5 7 1-2
8m 3.7 Φ26*1.5 8 2-4
9m 4 Φ26*1.5/Φ32*2 9 2-4



Single point inflatable tent inflation type


A single inflation point tent, is a tent which can be inflated from one beam, which is interconnecting to all of the other beams inside the tent. Usually all beams are linked, and can be inflated from any main tube. This allows multiple people to help, and for the tent o be pitched far quicker.



Tent inflates from one point, so you can plug a pump in and sit back and relax.

Features bracer beams, which strengthen the tent structure.

Can be quicker to inflate.



Are Inflatable Tents Reliable?


Yes, as we see more accidental damages to pole tents, which are more reliant on the camper to pitch them. Air tents have the structure pre-installed, so there’s very little a camper can do to damage it. Also they tend to perform better in the wind as the beams will simply just snap back into shape if deformed by strong winds. Most air tents are tested to 45-55mph. Anything stronger than this type of weather, and ideally it is not recommended to camp.


If you are uncertain, or feel worried, it is advisable to purchase a spare air tube, which is the same as having a spare tyre in your car or bike, and then you have the peace of mind if anything does go wrong.



Can an ice fishing tent keep you warm?


When the mercury dips and the lakes freeze over, some hearty souls venture out onto the ice with augers, rods and ice fishing tents. But can an ice fishing tent really keep you warm?


Yes, an ice fishing tent can keep you warm – to a certain extent. Ice fishing tents are designed to block the wind and trap body heat, so they will definitely make a difference on a cold day. However, they won’t keep you as warm as a house or cabin.


If you’re planning on spending any significant amount of time in an ice fishing tent, it’s important to dress warmly. Wear layers of loose-fitting, breathable clothing and make sure your head and hands are covered. It’s also a good idea to bring along a portable heater and some extra blankets, just in case.



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